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The Market Development Cluster PDF Print E-mail
Written by Carmencita C. Begonia   
Wednesday, 24 June 2009 03:08


Scope and Work of the ClusterThe Market Development Services Cluster shall strengthen its agency linkages and work towards further integration of the core functions of the Agribusiness and Market Assistance Service (AMAS), Agriculture and Fisheries Market Information Service (AFIS), Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS), Information Technology Center for Agriculture and Fisheries (ITCAF) and National Agricultural and Fishery Council (NAFC). The cluster has to focus its role on guiding and facilitating inter-agency collaboration in order to transform agriculture into a competitive sector.

This is through responsive improvements and provision of better market information and services and agribusiness advisory in building market linkages between and among growers, traders, processors and exporters and market promotions to enhance competitiveness of Philippine agribusiness in the domestic and international markets.In particular, the outputs of the cluster agencies would be integrated through the establishment of an Agriculture and Fisheries Market Information System (AFMIS), which will be designed to provide comprehensive, timely and accurate market information to small- and medium-scale growers, traders, processors and exporters. AFMIS would be implemented initially in seven (7) provinces of the four (4) focus regions, CAR (Benguet and Mountain Province), Region 6 (Iloilo and Capiz), Region 7 (Cebu and Negros Oriental ), and Region 10 (Bukidnon).Specific Agency ThrustsAMASThe AMAS will provide agribusiness and marketing assistance and advisory services to the private sector including NGOs, POs, farmers and fisherfolk using information and knowledge inputs from BAS and other sources, in order to come up with the required market analysis. It will act as a coordinating agency for the AFMIS. The AMAS is responsible for coordinating the work of the various agencies involved and ensuring the efficient delivery of the objectives of the component. AMAS will coordinate the establishment and operation of the AFMIS and local market information systems in the Focus Areas. AMAS will strengthen its capability to undertake analysis of evolving markets and trends and to provide more effective market assistance and collaboration in market promotions, trade fairs, etc., with the private sector. The Director of the AMAS would have overall responsibility for the quality of information provided by AFMIS Management Group comprised of all units providing inputs to AFMIS. AMAS would also be a content provider to the AFMIS system – it will develop Regional Agribusiness Profiles, information on export and local market opportunities, provide strategic assistance for trade fairs, exhibits and like events, support selected activities of industry and grower associations, and undertake market analysis and feasibility studies. BASThe BAS will produce reliable, adequate and timely agricultural and fishery statistics (production and price data, quantities traded, costs and returns, market profiles including distribution channels, marketing costs and other value adding activities, market infrastructure facilities, etc.) as inputs for AFMIS. The BAS will focus on improving its data collection methodologies to improve the timeliness and quality of its data. BAS is the source of official agricultural statistics and data source of the National Information Network. It will collaborate with ITCAF on the computerization of data processing, with AMAS in the data analysis and with AFIS on information packaging and dissemination. BAS will revise and expand its Agricultural Marketing Information System (AGMARIS) to make it more responsive to clients’ needs, and will improve the quality and timeliness of production and other marketing statistics it provides to AFMIS. AFISThe AFIS will disseminate production and market information (with technical inputs from BAS and AMAS) through various media, both in analog and digitized forms, which will become part of the entire AFMIS for widespread access by users. The AFIS will be responsible for ensuring that market information and development activities become integral part of its information dissemination mechanism and networking. ITCAFThe ITCAF will provide information technology, hardware and training for setting-up the web-based AFMIS including the required system management and maintenance. The ITCAF is responsible for the management of the hardware and software support for the DA IT requirements in support of the National Information Network. ITCAF will expand and upgrade existing NIN infrastructure and basic IT resources. In particular, it would develop the web-based system and applications for the AFMIS and links with information from the DA regulatory agencies in conjunction with BAFPS. ITCAF will be the system manager for these key information functions. NAFCThe NAFC will act as sounding board and provide AFMIS links with the private sector in terms of information needs, feedback and M&E mechanism. The NAFC will strengthen its role as an advisory body for consultative and continuing discussions to ensure success of DA programs. It will generate private sector feedback to improve program effectiveness. The specific implementation responsibilities under NAFC will facilitate AFMIS implementation by strengthening linkages among the local agricultural and fishery councils (AFCs) and national sectoral committees (NSCs), and by developing an M&E System for AFMIS to ensure that it addresses the needs of farmers and industry associations for reliable, adequate and timely market information.

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Market Development Cluster

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