Agriculture and Fisheries Market Information System (AFMIS)
International Agri-Fishery Related Agencies
A selection of websites of international agencies providing market-related information.
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1   Link   FAO Stat
2   Link   FAO Country Stat
3   Link   ASEAN Food Security Information System(AFSIS)
4   Link   food and agriculture organization
5   Link   Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
6   Link   United States Department of Agriculture
7   Link   Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative - Thailand
8   Link   Department of Agriculture and Agrifood - Brunei Darussalam
9   Link   Agrifood and Veterinary Authority of Singapore
10   Link   Taiwan Council of Agriculture
11   Link   Veit Nam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
12   Link   Florida Seafood and Aquaculture
13   Link   ASEAN Free Trade Area

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